Vajrayogini Thangka Painting

Style: A
Size: 51 cm x 38 cm
Sale price$340.00 USD


Thangka Painting of a Yogini is great for meditation and transformation of our Mindy & Body. Using only Natural Stone Color and other natural pigments this kind of traditional sacred Buddhist art helps to realize the deeper meaning on life. Every Thangka painting is carefully packed and shipped worldwide using strong hard tube.

If you require Thangka Brocade for this thangka please quote us at


Vajrayogini, likewise called Vajravarahi, in Vajrayana (Tantric Buddhism), female epitome of the mental capability prompting Buddhahood. Vajrayana underscores insight over hypothesis however involves the provisions of speculative philosophical Buddhism in a creative manner. This training implies that pictures taken from the customary existence of the individual become the necessary resources to additional a more profound comprehension of man's being, which is both activity (upaya) and information (prajna), each building up the other.

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