Yellow Manjushri Thangka

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Dimension: 75×50 cm
Sale price$500.00


Yellow Manjushri or Manjushree is also known as Arapacana.With beautiful face and body we can see the dedication of the artist in this painting. 24K gold is use in this painting and to paint with gold require special teaching and training. A genuine piece of art filled with the dedication of artist from Nepal.

Arapacana Manjushri is the Bodhisattva of transcendent wisdom. With the double-edged  sword on his right hand he cuts through the illusion and with his left hand holds a lotus with book of Prajna Paramita. He is depicted as 16 years to convey us with a message that wisdom is not a matter of mere experience but result of cultivation of intellectual genius. Only action with wisdom makes possible the great bliss of total freedom from all suffering that we all living beings seeks.His special purpose is to lead the audiences of the Buddha in the inquiry into the shelf,to discover the true nature of reality.


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