Yamantaka Thangka - Wrathful Deity

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Size: 30 x 22 cm
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Yamantaka is a wrathful form of Manjushree in order to subdue the Lord of death. Yamantaka symbolizes the victory of wisdom over death, evil and suffering. Among the many form of Yamantaka , Vajrabhairava is the most popular with 8 heads of a buffalo. On the top of 8 head lies the golden color image of Manjushree. He wears a garland of several heads a crown of five skulls symbolizing he has the wisdom of five Buddhas. He is usually depicted with Prajna.

This is a beautiful thangka art of Yamantaka on cotton canvas with gold. The perfect wrathful expression of Yamantaka with the brush stroke by our master artisan can be hanged on your altar space.

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