White Tara Thangka Painting

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Size: 60 x 45 cm
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Thangka Painting of a White Tara for Spirituality, Meditation or for your home. All Thangka Paintings at Lucky Thanka are genuine hand painted from Nepal by highly skilled lama artists. Painted on cotton canvas using natural stone color and other materials like gold, silver other semi precious minerals. The White Tara can be a great tool for meditation to transform and purify our Body, Speech and mind. These art can also be a very beautiful wall hanging decoration ideas for your home and office.


  • Hand Painted
  • Master Quality Thangka Painting
  • Materials: Semi-Precious Natural Minerals, Pure Gold
  • Base: Cotton Canvas
  • Origination: Nepal

White Tara is the female Bodhisattva of compassionate activity. She is said to see all suffering and respond to requests for help. She sits cross-legged in meditation on a lotus, which symbolizes purity.

She has more than two eyes! She has a third eye in the center of her forehead, symbolizing the awakening of her vision as an enlightened being. She also has eyes in the palms of her hands and on the soles of her feet. These symbolize the fact that although she offers help in the world, she does not do so blindly, but is able to help people move toward awakening.

Her right hand is open in a gesture of giving. Her left hand holds the stem of a blue lotus (Sanskrit, utpala) which blossoms above her shoulder. This type of lotus opens at sunset and blooms at night. It has a sweet scent that symbolizes the way that an ethical life has an uplifting effect on the world.

The fact that she is the color of moonlight and holds a flower that blooms at night, suggests that White Tara appears in the form of a moon goddess.

Mantra:OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA. Means liberating from SAMSARA. TARE shows that Mother Tara liberates living beings from samsara, from true suffering, or problems. TUTTARE, liberates you from the fears. The third word, TURE, liberates you from disease.

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