Wheel of Life Thangka Painting

Size: 42 cm x 56 cm
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Size: 56 cm x 42 cm

Handmade art of Nepal

Product description

The Thangka painting are handmade from the Himalayas in Kathmandu valley with natural stone colors. It can be hanged on your home or workplace to learn and understand the teachings of the Buddha.

The Wheel represents the very reasons of suffering and it can be seen painted on the walls of many Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in all Himalayan regions. The Depiction of the wheel of life is comprised of 4 concentric circles, excluding the outermost area with the demon or the mara. These depict the causes and conditions by which sentient beings of the 3 realms (Desire realm, form and formless realms) revolve through cyclic existence and in what places and what manner they revolve. Now negative or afflictive emotions are true cause of all the sufferings and turnings in the samsara.

The Wheel of Life or “Bhavacakra” is well known by Buddhist monks as a powerful meditation tool and also by students to learn and understand the teachings of the Buddha.

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