Vajra Shakti tibetan art

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Dimension: 63×47
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Beautiful Thangka painting of Vajra Shakti is hand painted with 24 k gold by the artisan from Kathmandu , Nepal. This is a high quality tibetan thangka art with finest brush stroke work. Vajrasattva thangka tibetan art holding a deep meaning of union of compassion and wisdom depicted by thangka painting.

The concept of union — union of wisdom and bliss — is represented by Father (compassion) and Mother (wisdom) in intimate union. A simple handshake wouldn’t be symbolically up to the task of conveying “union as one.” Yet, sometimes, those visual metaphors are misunderstood — and even lead to controversy.

Vajrasattva is a supreme Buddhist deity who embodies the purity of the enlightened mind. Vajrasattva means”Diamond Being”in Sanskrit.In Vajrayana Buddhism, the principle is purity and Purification. Vajrasattva embodies the capacity to eliminate spiritual impurities of all kinds,particularly neglected commitments toward one’s teacher and one’s own spiritual development.

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