Vajrasattva gold tibetan art with Mantra

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Dimension: 103×60
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Gold Painting of Vajrasattva is hand painted with 24 k gold by the artisan from Kathmandu , Nepal. You can hang this beautiful thangka art on wall with western framing style or using traditional brocade style on your meditation or altar room. Meditation upon the Vajrasattva is believed to purify  negative karma.

Vajrasattva, the embodiment of unconditional kindness, is always portrayed with a gentle face and a luminescent countenance. His practices are all related to confession and purification, and he is the supreme remover of obstacles for Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhists. It is said that of all the countless methods to purify obscurations and negative karma, the practices of Vajrasattva are the best. Through meditation and recitation related to Vajrasattva, students can purify their minds in preparation for more advanced Tantric practices. It is believed that all harmful acts can be purified and all obscurations removed though sincere dedication to Vajrasattva and his practices.

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