Chenrezig unique Tibetan art

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Dimension: 51 x 38 cm
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The Chenrezig thangka is a genuine works of art by the master artisan from Himalayas , Nepal. The extraordinary details with intricate brush strokes has made this art a masterpiece collection. The radiant color choices of the artisan has made this thangka special and unique.

Chengresi is a Bodhisattva renowned as embodiment of the compassion of all the Buddhas. Chenrezig  also know as Changresi, unwavering eye, Avalokiteshvara and Kuan Yin in Chinese. Chenrezig in this thangka art is depicted on four-armed form, which symbolizes his whirlwind of constant activity in the world. Two of his hands are pressed together at his heart where they hold the wish-fulfilling jewel of enlightenment, the cintamani. This jewel manifests whatever a faithful seeker may pray for, and is also a metaphor for the profound teachings and virtues of the Buddha.On The deer on the left  side, at the level of his heart is an ancient symbol of renunciation, as wandering mendicants often took the skin of a deer as a meditation seat, and sometimes as a garment and blanket. This symbolic meaning applies, as Chenrezig, a Bodhisattva, has renounced the snares of worldly existence, but here it further symbolises his boundless compassion for sentient beings.  According to legend, Chenrezig once took rebirth as a wild deer, but he had such heartfelt compassion for the hunter who chased him that he willingly laid down his life.

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