Authentic Thangka Art of Namgyalma

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Dimension: 35 x 29 cm
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Magnificent piece of Tibetan thangka art of Namgyamla is a authentic piece of art by master artisan. Namgyalma also crowned as mother Buddha is a bodhisattva with three faces and eight arms. She is one of the three deities of longevity in the Buddhist pantheon. Her practice is believed to be especially beneficial for eliminating hindrances to the attainment of a long and healthy life. 

Tibetan Art is an integral part of spiritual practice and process. Thangka Canvas paintings of Buddhas & Mandalas in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition are used in temples & monasteries and hung above the altars space for meditation practices. 

Product Description:

  • Product Size: 35 cm x 29 cm
  • Cotton Canvas
  • Materials Used: Natural Colors

Why and How to hang Namgyalma Thangka?

  • Southwest, East and North sector of your home or living room.
  • However, never place your Namgyamla image on the floor, in the kitchen or in the bathroom or in front of the bathroom.
  • A height of at least 3 feet is recommended for the good feng shui placement of Namgyamla.
  • It is believed that White Tara is extremely powerful because its counters the negative karmas and purifies those who are touched by negative karma.  

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