Shakyamuni Buddha Painting

Size: 56 x 41 cm
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Shakyamuni Buddha is the founder of the Buddhist religion. He lived and taught in Nepal and India in the sixth century B.C.E., a time of burgeoning religious and philosophical thought from Greece to China. He had become an enlightened one (a Buddha).

This thangka painting depicts the beautiful art of Shakyamuni Buddha seated on a lotus with his right-hand reaches down to touch the earth. This gesture represents the moment when he called the earth to witness his transcendence of the realm of Mara, the supreme God of the world (samsara), who had tried to distract him from his meditation. In response, the earth trembled and shook to acknowledge Shakyamuni’s attainment of Buddhahood. Shakyamuni’s left-hand rests in his lap in the gesture of meditation and holds his alms bowl.


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