Namgyalma Thangka Painting

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Dimension: 35 x 29 cm
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The Tibetan Thangka art collection by HimalaysShop of Wrathful deity of  this Namgyalma is a beautiful piece of art. Namgyalma has central white face has a frown, the yellow face on the right is peaceful and the blue face on the left side is fierce. She has eight hands. On the right side; the first hand is shown holding Vishwa Vajra (Double Dorje) scepter, the second hand is shown in a gesture of supreme generosity, the third hand is holding an arrow and the fourth hand is holding Buddha Amitabha in the upraised hand. On the left side, her first hand is holding a lasso (rope), while her second hand is grasping a bow and her third hand is holding a long-life vase and Amrita- Kalash with a flower in bloom and the fourth hand is shown as a gesture giving protection.

Thangka painting of Namgyalma also known as Usnisavijaya ,“Wrathful vighnantaka is use for practicing her dharma .  Thangka Canvas paintings of Buddhas & Mandalas in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition are used in temples & monasteries and hung above the altars space for meditation practices


Product Description:

🌺 Product Size: 35 cm x 29 cm 

🌺 Cotton Canvas

🌺 Materials Used: Natural Colors

 Why and How to hang Namgyalma Thangka?

  • Southwest, East and North sector of your home or living room.
  • However, never place your Namgyamla image on the floor, in the kitchen or in the bathroom or in front of the bathroom.
  • A height of at least 3 feet is recommended for the good feng shui placement of Namgyamla.

High-quality authentic hand-made painting of Namgyalma thangka from the Himalayas of Nepal.  Made from natural stone color and pure gold.

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