Milarepa Thangka painting on Cotton Canvas

Size: 22 cm x 33 cm
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Milarepa’s story is written in the 15th century and drawing from the old Biography which is still popular in Tibet as well as other many countries. He spent his life wandering through Tibet performing and changing the nomadic people to Buddhism as well as writing 100000 songs. According to “the life of Milarepa”, after the death of his father, he has left his home at the request of his mother because his uncle and aunt has deprived of their wealth. After that, he had study sorcery to take revenge and kill many people.

This thangka is related to mendicant monks and poets. In the above thangka, he is sitting by raising his hand on the right ear and the left hand is carrying the begging bowl. His sitting position is Rajalila Asana. Well, in the thangka he was represented in the bronzes seated on gazelle skin. Lotus represents spiritual purity and compassion. Whereas, he is in the position of “RAJALILA ASANA”. He is seated on his right knee raised and left leg in the usual position of the buddha. He always holds his right hand with the figure extended to the shoulder level with the palm turned outward behind his right ear. His left-hand holds a begging bowl. In thangka, Milarepa was shown sitting on lotus wearing monastic garments with curly hair. This thangka is painted on different colors (i.e blue, white) with a different meaning. Blue represents purity and healing, the white color associated with the color of learning and knowledge. His body is painted with green color, green color links with the color of balance and harmony.

Why and how to hang Milarepa?

Milarepa is the best example for changing life, so we can follow him for the change of habit, or many other things.

Milarepa and his teacher introduce themselves by the student of the Napa, he has started Buddhism for the change and to continue the Buddhism culture.

Milarapa can be hung on any place at home to motivate oneself or to other people.

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