Maitreya Buddha Tibetan Thangka Painting | Future Buddha painting | Size: 68 x 52 cm

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Dimension: 68 x 52 cm
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This Thangka Painting depicts The Maitreya Buddha. This art is painted on cotton canvas form Nepal by a very highly skilled artisan. It is 68 x 52 cm in size which is a standard size and can be great for prayer or meditation. This can also be a very attractive decorative for you at your house in Lounge area. 

Maitreya is the loving kindness Bodhisattva and Buddha of the future. He is the successor of Shakyamuni Buddha and he will come to this world to teach the pure dharma.
Currently Maitreya lives as Bodhisattva in the Tuṣita Heaven, the same place where Gautama Buddha lived before coming to this world.

There are different representations of Maitreya with different poses and gestures.
In this thangka painting, Maitreya is seated above a throne in the most common position with the legs extended and both feet on the ground. His skin is yellow-gold color and his two hands are placed in front of his heart performing the Dharma Teaching mudra.
He holds the stems of two utpala (blue lotus) flowers blossoming and supporting on the right a water flask and on the left a Dharma wheel.
Maitreya is adorned with several jewels: a crown, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and he wears silk scarves and colorful robes with gold decors.


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