Machelapche Thangka Art

Size: 43 x 33 cm
Sale price$900.00 USD


This beautiful Machelapche Painting is painted using the traditional style. At Himalayas Shop all our Thangka are hand painted on cotton canvas using natural stone colour, Gold and other natural pigments. Thangka Painting may take from 1 month to years to complete a single painting depending upon its quality.

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This thangka of Machelapche , she is the position of the “NRITYA ASANA”. This is the dancing pose of lord shiva and various tantric are seen in this position her hand is holding the “Damaru”. This is made by joining the two small drum which is tight over the narrow middle. Most of the tantric symbol is known as “Damaru” which is made of two half Skull. On her left hand, she was holding the bell. When someone is praying to god, they ring this bell for the “wisdom” and “Prajana”. she is standing over the lotus in the dancing position of the shiva. This painting is painted on golden orange, blue and her body is painted with white color. each color has its meaning like blue denotes purity and healing, orange color signifies illumination, and the highest state of perfection, and white color represents the color of learning and knowledge, etc.

Why and how to hang the Machelapche?
  • Machelapche thangka can be hung in any room where we want to start meditation or do a new change in our life.
  • Machelapche thangka provides you with healing your pain and makes a positive environment.

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