Lord Shiva & Parbati Thangka Painting

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Size: 60 x 46 cm
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This beautiful Shiva & Parbati Thangka Painting is painted using traditional style. At Himalayas Shop all our Thangka are hand painted on cotton canvas using natural stone color, Gold and other natural pigments. Thangka Painting may take from 1 month to years to complete a single painting depending upon its quality.

If you require Thangka Brocade for this thangka please quote us at info@himalayasshop.com


  • Thangka Painting : Lord Shiva
  • Handmade painting from Nepal

Lord Shiva is known to be the God of all, the Mahadeva. Lord Shiva is the supreme power of all the cosmos. He is a great ascetic and is seen in meditation in his celestial abode, Mount Kailash in the Himalayas.

He is easy to please and is often regarded as the God of mercy and kindness. He has the power to alter the laws of destiny. He protects his devotees from all kinds of evil and blesses them with knowledge, peace, and grace.

The Hindu Goddess Parvati is the beneficent aspect of mother Devi's ultimate feminine form. She is known as the "daughter of the mountain" since she is the daughter of the mountain King, Himawan, and queen Mena. She is Lord Shiva's wife and the mother of the Hindu gods Ganesha and Murugan. Parvati, the Hindu Goddess, is also known as Uma and Guari. She is the Hindu Goddess of love, marriage, and children, as well as devotion, fertility, and beauty. In Hinduism, she is the mother goddess, transporting the holy energy between a man and a woman. The Hindu Goddess Parvati, like her husband Shiva, is an expert meditator. Shiva statues nearly invariably depict Parvati as a constant companion by his side.


"Om Namah Shivay"

Where do I hang my Thangka Art ⁉️

  • Add this Beautiful Piece of Thangka Painting to your mini altar space for meditation practices.
  • Hang it on your Living Room & bedroom Space for the positive vibration around your home.
  • Decorate the corridors with Buddha paintings along with the lighting, it can bring whole new feelings.
  • Hang It Infront of your Study Table to make the environment calm and reduce the level of anxiety.

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