Japanese Bodhisattva Fugen Thangka Painting

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Size: 35 x 21 cm
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Fugen Bosatu is also known as the Great Conduct Bodhisattva. He is prime bodhisattva to teach the right action and behavior along with meditation. Fugen Bosatu has made 10 vows for practicing Buddhism and he protects all those who teaches the Dharma.

Fugen Bosatsu is seated on a lotus petals on an elephant having six tusks and this six tusk  represent his win over the six senses. He is one of the Four great Bodhisattva including Kannon(Compassion), Monju (Wisdom), Jizo ( vast patience and salvation from suffering) and Fugen ( Praxis and practice).

If you require Thangka Brocade for this thangka please quote us at info@himalayasshop.com

All our Thangka paintings and mandala. This 100% hand-drawn Thangka painting in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. Thangka painting can be decorated as an elegant and eccentric wall hanging in your home or office being a center piece of attention. It can also be placed on your family altar for meditation purposes as well as spiritual and emotional healing, attracting benevolent energy of the Buddhist art. This is one of our best collection high quality Buddha Thangka art.

The majority of our paintings are made by the Nepalese and Lamas , as they are the original holders of the Thangka secrets.

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