High quality Vajrasattva art

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Dimension: 46×63
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Thangka painting of Vajrasattva with bright colors looks radiant.This tibetan thangka art is hand painted on cotton canvas by the artisan from Kathmandu , Nepal. You can hang this beautiful thangka art on wall with western framing style or using traditional brocade style on your meditation or altar room. 

Vajrasattva is believed to be born from seed syllable Hum and is generally invoked for removal of obscuration of conflicting emotion. He is said to be sixth Dhyani Buddha by Nepali Buddhist but not represented in stupa along with other Dhyani Buddha.Meditation upon the Vajrasattva is believed to purify  negative karma.

Vajrasattva is depicted in meditative pose carrying Vajra in his right hand with palm upward against the chest and bell in the left hand resting upon left thigh. He wears rich dress, precious ornaments and crown.

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