Essential Singing Bowl Accessory Set

Color: Red
Sale price$40.00


This Silk Box is handcrafted with silk fabric to keep your Singing Bowl or any other valuable Safe. Beautiful Silk fabric with embroidery is used for this bag for genuine Tibetan looks. This SInging Bowl Box can fit up to 18 cm Singing Bowl.

This Singing Bowl essential Set is a complete package for Singing Bowl Accessory - The Best Deal. It includes:

🌸Storage box with color of your choice- 1pc
🌸Ring cushion to rest Singing Bowl up to 18 cm -1 pc
🌸4 * 18 cm Seude Mallet
🌸 3* 18 cm Wooden Mallet

Note: You can use it to store your beautiful Singing Bowl or alternatively you can even you this as a decorative storage to store your valuables.


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