Dhukkar- Dukkar Thangka Art

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Dimension: 62×85cm
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Thangka painting of Dukkar, also known as White Umbrella or Sitatapatra in Sanskrit.1000 arms Dukkar painting is painted by our artisan with lots of dedication reflects in the art itself. She is white in colour with a slightly wrathful expression and is seated in the vajra position. Her left hand holds the handle of a white parasol unfurled above and her right hand is outstretched holding a Dharma Wheel. She has an eye in the palm of each hand.

Dukkar’s practice is effective for purifying the karma of being wrongly accused, such as in arguments or legal cases. She will be beneficial for those who travel often and who are exposed to risks and dangers daily. From the variety of forms in which she appears, one faced, three faced, 5 two-faced and thousand two-faced, the one thousand two-faced Sitatapatra is the most well liked and also the type most typically pictured in creative illustration, typically in painting and solid metal.


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