Chenrezig Thangka painting

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Chengresi also known as Avalokitesvara is a bodhisattva. Chengresi is mainly referred to as the bodhisattva of compassion. He is the lord endowed with complete illumination. In one prominent Buddhist story, Chengresi vows never to rest until he has helped free all sentient beings from samsara. The four arms of Chengresi symbolize:

  1. Immeasurable loving kindness
  2. Immeasurable compassion
  3. Immeasurable joy
  4. Immeasurable equanimity

Mantra: “Om Mani Padme Hum”

Reciting this mantra and looking upon the Chengresi thangka has an immense benefit. Chengresi is a bodhisattva who has delayed its enlightenment for helping suffering in the world. Avalokiteshvara is the different form of Chengresi in 1000 arms and 1000 eyes so that Chengresi can offer help towards all sentient. Personally, for me, Chengresi is the thangka that helped me to deeply understand the true meaning of Love & Compassion

Chengresi is also known as Changresi or Kuan Yin in Chinese. Chengresi is not a real person, but a part of an aspect of our enlightened Buddha Mind according to Tibetan Buddhism. Chengresi is depicted in a bright white perfect body with all signs of Bodhisattva of Compassion. With 4 arms, the two palms join in a praying gesture, in third-hand holds a lotus flower near his ear, symbolizing the purity of his mind, in right-hand holds prayer beads and the six syllables of Om Mani Padme Hum joyfully dancing in his heart. He sits on a large Lotus flower, with great compassion looking to the sentient beings. He is always listening someone will recite his mantra and ask for his help. Chengresi is always ready to come and help.

Product Features:

Dimensions:      🌺 40 cm x 30 cm

Materials Used: 🌺 Cotton canvas

                          🌺 Golden dust and natural colors

Why and How to hang Chengresi Thangka?

  • Chengresi can be hanged in places where sacred practices are done, as it is worshiped as a visual aid by Buddhists.
  • Chengresi Thangka is best kept in the place where meditation is practiced.
  • Chengresi Thangka can also be hung in your living rooms and workstations for a very positive ambiance of the room and its surroundings.

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