Chenrezig Thangka Painting

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Dimension: 110 x 82 cm
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This is one of our best collection Thangka painted by Artisan from HimalayaS, Nepal. This thangka painting depicts Chenrezig with 4 arm and 5 Dhyani Buddha around. This Thangka is painted on cotton canvas with pure 24K Gold mostly and other natural stone color. 

On Chenrezig left side, at the level of his heart, is the gentle face of a wild deer; the deer’s skin is draped over his shoulder. The deerskin is an ancient symbol of renunciation, as wandering mendicants often took the skin of a deer as a meditation seat, and sometimes as a garment and blanket. This symbolic meaning applies, as Chenrezig, a Bodhisattva, has renounced the snares of worldly existence, but here it further symbolises his boundless compassion for sentient beings.  According to legend, Chenrezig once took rebirth as a wild deer, but he had such heartfelt compassion for the hunter who chased him that he willingly laid down his life.

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