Chengresi Mantra Mandala Meditation Thangka Painting

Size: 40 cm x 40 cm
Sale price$120.00 USD


Thangka Painting- Chengresi Mantra Mandala

Handmade painting on Cotton Canvas from Nepal

Handmade painting from Nepal

Beautiful Chenrezig Thangka Painting for wall hanging. Made by very highly skilled artist from Nepal. Use this thangka for your beautiful prayer room or decoration as well. The mantra for the chenrezig is "Om Mani Padme" Hum which is the mantra of Love and Compassion and to purify one's negative emotions.

Tibetan Chenrezig traditional thangka is handpainted on cotton canvas by Thangka artist from Nepal. Chenrezig embodies the compassion of all Buddhas. This bodhisattva is variably portrayed in different cultures as either male or femal

Tibetan Art is an integral part of spiritual practice and process. Thangka Canvas paintings of Buddhas & Mandalas in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition are used in temples & monasteries and hung above the altars space for meditation practices. Tibetan art is believed to have energy and surround your space with positive vibration. The perfect spiritual gift and meditation gift for your loved ones.


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