Cakrasamvara Tibetan Thangka painting

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Size: 30 x 23 cm
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This is an beautiful thangka collection of Cakrasamvara with his consort Vajravarahi. The artist has use a vibrant color with pure gold and perfect brush stroke.

The union of Cakrasamvara (khorlo demchong) and Vajravarahi shows that wisdom and compassion are indivisible in the enlightened state. Samvara of Khorlo Demchog is deep blue in color with his front hand embrace his consort with his hand holding vajra and bell. He wears a crown of skulls and garland of fifty several heads. His face gazes at consort with three eyes. Vajravarahi is bright red in color with deep black hair. Her right arm is thrown upward holding a kartr and her left arm circled tightly around Samvara neck , her face is upturned. Under her feet are the two of the Samvara’s emanation Kalaratri and Bhairava.

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