Medicine Buddha Singing Bowl

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Size: 9 - 10 inch
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Are you looking for something new and excited to learn and are interested in music therapy, meditation practices and yoga then Singing Bowls are the thing for you! These singing bowls vibrate and produce a rich and deep tone when played. The benefits of listening to singing bowls are related to the ancient practice of sound therapy. Even if you are a beginner with some practice, you will be able to produce beautiful tones. This can be the perfect gift for the ones you care about. 

This Beautiful singing bowl has Medicine carved into it along with Om and Flower of Life carved on the Side and back of the singing bowl.

Medicine Buddha is known as the Buddha of healing.  Medicine Buddha is an astonishing meditation practice of Tibetan Buddhism. As Medicine Buddha is regarded as the buddha of medicine and healing. Therefore, the Buddhist monks worship medicine buddha with the intention to bring better health and fortune in life.

A complete package includes:

🌸 A 9/10 inch Singing Bowl

🌸 A Ring cushion

🌸 1 x wooden cloth padded stick

🌸 1 x Felt Stick

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