Buddha Enlightenment Thangka art on canvas

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Size: 50 x 77 cm
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This is a beautiful piece of Buddha Thangka that shows a series of events , followers during his life and enlightenment. After his enlightenment, the Buddha sat for several weeks, meditating beneath the tree and then standing beside it. He decided to teach others what he had learned seven weeks following his enlightenment, encouraging them to follow a path he named "The Middle Way," which is one of moderation rather than radicalism. He quickly attracted a large following and spent the next 45 years wandering around northeastern India disseminating his teachings. Despite the fact that the Buddha did not promote himself as a god or an object of worship, he is reported to have performed numerous miracles throughout his lifetime.

This is a genuine piece of Thangka art on cotton canvas for wall hanging and decoration by master artisan from Nepal.

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