Blue Healing Buddha (Bhaisajyaguru Art)

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This Medicine Buddha Thangka painting is perfect for various home décor ideas! This thangka painting can be decorated as an eccentric wall hanging in your home or office is a centerpiece of attention.

Medicine Buddha supports a person overcoming illness and for a healthy life. Medicine Buddha is also efficacious in healing and helping one to accomplish one's goals.

This Thangka features Buddha Bhaisajyaguru, known as the master of remedies or Medicine Buddha, sitting cross-legged on a lotus throne and the most distinctive feature of Medicine Buddha is his deep blue color. On the right hand, he holds a myrobalan branch, an important compound of several Tibetan medicines, and on the left, a bowl containing three forms of nectar to cures disease counteracts aging and illuminates the mind.

The tone of the blue is lapis lazuli: the beautiful stone used to symbolize rarity and purity and it is said to have a curative or strengthening effect on those who wear it.

Meditating in front of the Medicine Buddha thangka can help to alleviate physical and mental stress, increase healing powers both for oneself and others but also to overcome spiritual sickness, attachment, hatred, and ignorance.

Product Description:

Product Size: 52 cm x 38 cm
Cotton Canvas
Material Used: Natural Colors, Gold

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