Vintage Jambati Bowl

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SKU: SB-AC-0018

Size: 8.5-inch
Weight: 0.93
Sale price$1,500.00 USD


Crafted with intricate carvings of plants and foliage, this Vintage Jambati Bowl offers a unique blend of aesthetics and optimized acoustic properties. Strike it with a mallet to experience a deep, resonant sound that is perfect for sound healing, relaxation, and meditation.

Key features:

  1. Material and Construction: Handcrafted from a mixture of metals, our Jambati bowls have a unique sound quality influenced by their specific alloy composition.
  2. Design and Engravings: This Vintage Jambati bowl features elaborate carvings of plants and foliage, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and historical significance.
  3. Sound Quality: The sound quality of the bowl is determined by the metal's thickness, shape, and craftsmanship. Jambati bowls are renowned for their deep and resonant tones due to these factors.

A set of this singing bowl includes:

  • Antique Singing Bowl
  • A resting cushion
  • 1 wooden stick 

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