Dark Antique Bodhi Seed Bracelet from Nepal - Buddhist Prayer and Meditation

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Bead Size: 14 mm
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Bodhi seed beads can be used for counting all types of mantras as well as other prayers. These dark-speckled seed beads have special meaning for all seekers of divine wisdom. "Bodhi" in Sanskrit means enlightenment; as an "enlightened" seed, many practitioners use these malas for their essence and inherent teachings within each seed.

This mala is made from authentic Bodhi Seeds (Ziziphus budhensis) from Nepal.

A plain, minimalist bodhi bracelet, that is true to its original intention: meditation, mantra work, etc.
These beads are sanded at both ends, giving them the drum shape. The main reason for this is to give the beads more uniformity and impart a slightly different more compact style.


  • Material: Bodhi Seeds from Nepal
  • Size: Adjustable
  • Bead size: 14 mm
  • String color: Yellow or Red
  • Style: Monastic. Traditional Mahayana and Tibetan style without any knots
  • Weight: about 28 grams

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