Amitayus Buddha Thangka Painting

Size: 80 cm x 45 cm
Sale price$160.00 USD


This beautiful Amitayus Thangka Painting is painted using traditional style. At Himalayas Shop all our Thangka are hand painted on cotton canvas using natural stone color, Gold and other natural pigments. Thangka Painting may take from 1 month to years to complete a single painting depending upon its quality.

If you require Thangka Brocade for this thangka, please quote us at

Amitayus is one of the longevities Buddhas, and this is clearly seen in the translation of his Sanskrit name: amita = infinity, and ayus = existence, life. He is red in color, the color of sunset (which could symbolize the attainment of nirvana). His hands are in his lap in meditation mudra holding a golden vase containing the nectar of Long Life, in which a wish-fulfilling tree grows.

Where do I hang my Thangka Art?

  • Add this Beautiful Piece of Thangka Painting to your mini altar space for meditation practices.
  • Hang it on your Living Room & bedroom Space for the positive vibration around your home.
  • Decorate the corridors with Buddha paintings along with the lighting, it can bring whole new feelings.
  • Hang It Infront of your Study Table to make the environment calm and reduce the level of anxiety

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