Amitabha Buddha Thangka Painting

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This beautiful Amitabha Buddha thangka painting is hand painted by by the Artisan from Nepal. Amitabha Buddha is one of the three 'Long-Life Buddhas' and he holds a long-life vase, filled with the nectar of immortality, the elixir of life. The Amitabha Buddha Thangka painting is especially popular amongst Buddhist practitioners for the tremendous benefits his practice brings, such as immediate peace and joy. 

 It is also a very significant and auspicious practice for Dharma students to offer Amitayus to their Lamas, as a request for them to live long and to continue to spread the Buddha's teachings.

Amitabha Buddha thangka wall hanging painting is an ideal gift for family and friends as it brings infinite benefits to the recipient. This beautiful thangka painting can be hung on your wall to bring in positive energy within us.

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