Amitabha Buddha painting from Nepal

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This Amitabha thangka is hand painted by the master Artisan from Nepal using 24k gold. This wonderful piece of artwork can be used for meditation using visualisation technique or can be used in your home as a prayer art and decoration. You can hang this painting on your meditation room for practice or living room for positive energy.

According to Mahayana Buddhist sutra, Amitabha was a king who became monk and named as Dharmakara. He took great vows for saving the sentient beings-'If upon the attainment of Buddhahood all sentient beings in the ten quarters who aspire in sincerity and faith to be reborn in my land, recite my name up to ten times and fail to be born there, then may I not attain the Perfect Enlightenment’

The Bodhisattva Dharmakara, after eternities of self-cultivation, finally attained the Supreme Enlightenment and became the Buddha Amitabha. This means that his grand and infinitely compassionate vow is now a reality, the paradise known as Pure Land or Sukhavati has been established, suffering beings must and will be delivered if only they will have the full faith to call upon his name.

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