Akash Bhairab Thangka Art

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Dimension: 50 x 75 cm
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High quality Akash Bhairab in deep blue color is done on cotton canvas by the master artist of Kathmandu valley. The wrathful facial expression of Bhairav and each detail are perfectly defined in this Thangka art. This Akash Bhairab Tibetan Art can be hung on your home or office space, altar room for ritual, meditation or decorative purpose.

Lord Aakash Bhairav, the ‘god of the sky’, is also regarded by Nepalese as Yalambar a Kirati King of Nepal.  This thangka art of Aakash Bhairav’s , hair bristles upward in a blazing mane out of overwhelming compassion for the intense suffering of beings caught up in delusion.

 Wrathful deities are full of wisdom and love and the power to alleviate pain/misery. There are many meditational deities that have both peaceful and wrathful forms.

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