Best White Tara Singing Bowl


Size: 9-10 inches
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Singing Bowls vibrate to produce sound characterized by a fundamental frequency and usually two audible harmonic overtones. They can vibrate five individual and simultaneous tones, each at its own consistent frequency, and can sustain a vibration for several minutes.

Tara is a female deity in both Hinduism and Buddhism who personifies compassion and offers salvation from the suffering of rebirth and death. She is thought to have been born of empathy for the suffering world and is regularly invoked for protection, guidance, and deliverance from difficult situations.

How to play a Singing Bowl?

  • Hold the Singing Bowl on the palm of your hand firmly making sure the hand is stretched straight.
  • Gently Tap the Singing Bowl with the wooden Mallet OR
  • Put equal pressure on the rim of the bowl with the mallet and go Round.
  • Feel the SOUND and try to connect with the Bowl.
  • Do Not Play the Bowl too fast otherwise the Sound Will break.
  • Neither play too slow or the bowl will stop playing.
  • Stay in between with a balance meditate.

The Singing Bowl Set will include:

  • A 9- 10 inch Singing Bowl
  • A Traditional Striker Mallet
  • A Ring Cushion

Why is this Singing Bowl a must buy?

  • Promote relaxation
  • Elevates of life force.
  • Promotes energy balance in the body.
  • Enhance creativity and focus.
  • Cleansing of chakras
  • Positive feeling of self
  • Better concentration

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