Peaceful Eye Singing Bowl


Size: 4.5 inch
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Experience spiritual awakening with the Buddha Eye Singing Bowl. Engraved with the sacred symbol of the Buddha Eye, this 4.5 inch bowl is handcrafted with care using the etching technique by Nepalese artisans from the Himalayan Foothills.

Symbolism of Buddha Eye:

The Buddha Eye, commonly known as the "Dharma Eye" or "Wisdom Eye" in Buddhist culture, serves as a symbol for spiritual knowledge, enlightenment, and the all-knowing nature of a Buddha. It embodies the capacity to perceive beyond normal means and acquire profound understanding. This eye serves as a constant reminder of the journey towards awakening, comprehending the fundamental essence of existence, and attaining enlightenment.

Product Specification:

  • Diameter: 4.5 inch
  • Weight: 350 gm approx.

A complete package includes:

  • A 4.5 inch Singing Bowl
  • A resting cushion
  • 1 x wooden stick

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