Antique style Himalayas Singing Bowl

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Size: 4 - 5 inch
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Experience the enduring resonance of our handcrafted Antique Himalayan Singing Bowl, also known as "The Tiger Bowl" for its striking colors. Handmade using traditional techniques, this exquisite Singing bowl has a very beautiful soft tone and long resonance. 


Listen to the sound recording to experience an example of how your singing bowl sounds like. The sample sound is of 4-5 inch size. The bigger variants sizes have longer resonance and deeper vibrations.

Key Features:

  1. Striking Design:  The bowl's exterior showcases elaborate designs resembling tiger stripes, making it a visually stunning piece that captures attention and adds a touch of exotic sophistication to any room.
  2. Tonal Mastery: The Antique style Himalayas Singing Bowl not only boasts a beautiful appearance, but also produces an exceptional sound. Made from a combination of metals, this bowl emits a distinct and mesmerizing resonance that fills your environment with strong yet soothing vibrations.
  3. Handcrafted Excellence: This Singing Bowl is uniquely crafted by expert artisans, guaranteeing superior quality and authenticity. The intricate workmanship in its design and construction sets it apart as a distinctive sound healing instrument.
  4. Versatile Purpose: The Tiger Style Singing Bowl is a versatile addition to your holistic toolkit, suitable for sound healing, meditation, or as a unique and meaningful decor piece.
    A complete package includes:
    • A Singing Bowl
    • A Resting Cushion
    • 1 x Wooden Stick

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