Various Style Singing Bowl Mallet

Style: Small Wooden Mallet
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Singing Bowl Mallets are equally important in order to produce the potential sound that a singing bowl can have. The size of the mallet is also very important when playing different size singing bowl. Generally the smaller the bowl the smaller the mallet and the bigger the bowl the bigger the size of the mallet is preferable. 

Here we have listed 4 different design and size of hand made wooden mallet to play a singing bowl. Please choose from the selection according to the recommendation:

Small Wooden Mallet : 3-4.5 inch Singing Bowl

Small Carved Wooden Mallet: 3-6 inch Singing Bowl 

Buddha Head Hand Carved : 3-6 inch Singing Bowl

Medium/Premium Wooden Mallet : 4 inch - 13 inch Singing Bowl

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