Top Healing Benefits of Singing Bowl Sound Healing

What’s in a Singing Bowl:

Singing bowl also known as Himalayas Singing bowl or Tibetan Singing Bowl has been used for healing and meditation purposes for many centuries. Usually Himalayas singing bowls are forged with alloy which contains five to seven metals, each connected with celestial body of our solar system: lead (Saturn), Iron (Mars), Copper (Venus), Tin (Jupiter), Mercury (Mercury), Silver (Moon) and gold (Sun). The size and ratio of these metals used to forge a singing bowl affects the tone, vibration, sound quality and resonance of a singing bowl.

Effects of using Singing Bowl on Human Body:

Beside meditation, Himalayas singing bowl are used for release tensions or blockages, to open the energy flow, to ease pain related to migraine, spine injuries, digestive system, headaches, to improve circulation, muscle regeneration, deep relaxation, to relieve pain in joints, muscles and shoulders. Relaxing on sound therapy listening to Himalayas singing bowl improves our concentration and emotional tension and energy blockages are eased. The unique resonance of Himalayas singing bowl are also used to ease asthma, stabilise blood pressure, to renew the functioning of the adrenal gland, to open and stabilise the meridians and to improve the synaptic responses in our brain. They also help children with hyperactive disorders, and they stimulate the immune system. The sound and vibration also ease our mental or emotional pain like fear, anger, depression, anxiety, insomnia, worries and low self-esteem.

Scientific studies that have proven the Benefit of Himalayas Singing Bowl:

Although singing bowl has been used for meditation and healing purposes for many centuries, only few scientific researches has been done related to singing bowl. Scientific research has found that singing bowl produces different sound waves and each wave is connected to different states of consciousness. Scientists has found Alpha waves are produced by singing bowl which helps in meditation and calm consciousness.

Recently University of California has done research about sound healing, where they took 62 participants, both male and female with an average age of 49.7 years. Before the study each participant were given questionnaire related to assess tension, depression, anger, confusion, anxiety, and spiritual well-being- basically questions related to mental health as well as if they have any physical pain and to what degree. Participants went through approximately 60 minutes of sound healing where musical instruments like Himalayas singing bowl, gongs, ting-shas (small cymbals), dorges (bell), didgeridos and other small bells were used. Out of these instruments 95% of the time Himalayas singing bowl were used during sound meditation/ healing. The researchers found significant difference between pre-treatment and post-treatment in tension, anger, confusion, depression, anxiety, and spiritual well-being across participants.

The study also found that participants who had no previous experience with singing bowls demonstrated larger effects than those with some prior familiarity. For example, participants aged 40 to 59 who were previously naive to this type of meditation appeared to benefit the most from the sound meditation demonstrated by significant reductions in physical pain and tension.

Similarly, another study regarding effect of Himalayas singing bowl sound meditation and healing on mood, tension and well- being was published in the Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine. For the study, 54 people with chronic pain originating from the spine were assigned to six sessions of singing bowl therapy or no treatment at all. Study results showed that members of the singing bowl group experienced a significant decrease in pain intensity and they also found that both the singing bowl therapy had a stress-reducing effect on participants.

On another study which was published in in the American Journal of Health Promotion in 2014, found that the benefits of Himalayas singing bowl sound healing of 12 minutes resulted a greater reduction in systolic blood pressure and heart rate compared to silence before a directed relaxation session.

3 main benefits of using Himalayas Singing Bowl:

Sound being one of the most powerful media, it has a power to take human spirit in different states of consciousness and directly bring positive result in human body. The sound and resonance of singing bowl affects all three states of human body namely: Physical level, Mental Level and Spiritual level.

1. Physical Benefits of Singing Bowl on the body:

· Better Immune system

· Better energy flow

· Deep relaxation and muscles regeneration

· Better digestion

· Improved blood circulation

· Pain reliefs related to joints, migraine, muscles, sciatica, spine injuries, shoulders, and headache

· Cells, tissues, and organs function in more synchronized way

· Lowers anger and blood pressure

2. Emotional or mental benefits

· Better concentration

· Improved self-confidence, creativity boost and growth in productiveness

· Alleviated emotional or mental pressure

· Relaxed mind, emotional stress and blockages are eased

· More positive energy and strength in everyday life

· Increases mental and emotional clarity

· Ease hypertension

· Promotes the release of the happiness hormones- endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin

3. Spiritual Benefits of Singing bowl

· Better balance and harmony in life

· Positive feeling of self

· Cleansing of chakras

· Chakra Balancing

· Promotes stillness, happiness and well being

· A general sense of uplifting, inspirational, and positive energy

Singing bowl

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