Singing Bowl Sound  Recording with Blue Yeti

There are a lot of online store selling Tibetan and Chakra Healing Singing Bowls. While choosing a singing bowl it’s important to choose the sound that you can connect with. In online you can choose a singing bowl visually appealing to you, but you might still be in doubt about the sound and vibration it creates. So, to address this problem we have added a sound feature in our listing and now you can listen to the sound of Singing bowl and choose the best singing bowl for you.

In order to be able to record sound we realised that we needed the necessary resources and tools. There were lot of sound recording tools with different prices. We had to choose the Sound mics very carefully as we would be using it for a good long time till future. After a lot of research and reading reviews we came across BLUE YETI X.Yeti X delivers legendary Blue broadcast sound with greater focus and clarity —in four versatile pickup patterns. An illuminated multi-function smart knob is the feature we loved as it monitors and adjust voice level in real time, providing precise control over audio stream. The LED metering made it easy during recording process, however relying on your ears more than your eyes is important here—it's possible to overload the mic's capsules. The great premium features of this mics would certainly capture all the layers of Singing Bowl sound.

We have used Blue Yeti X to record all the sound clip of our Singing Bowl in the website. We do recommend using Blue Yeti X, if you are looking for microphone to record Singing Bowls or other musical instruments too. Click here to listen to our Sound Cloud station for different singing bowls.

Singing bowl

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