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Tibetan Sound Healing Session is an ancient healing method that uses soothing sounds of Singing Bowls and reliefs you from stress and enhances awareness of mind/body and spirit connection. The sound frequencies created by Tibetan Singing Bowls restore and enhance the flow of energy in the parts of the body where this is required. Tibetan singing bowl meditation has helped people to reduce the feelings of tension, anxiety, and depression while increasing spiritual well-being.

In the journey of learning about Singing Bowls and sound healing, we got connected with Sound healers from Nepal and Australia that encouraged us further to spread the handicraft of Nepal around the world. 

  • Swami Chaitanya
  • Shree Hari Chandra
  • Mohan
  • Jasmine
  • Kelly
  • Mylan

Swami Chaitanya (NEPAL)


Best Sound Healer from Nepal

Swami Chaitanya Krishna is a sound healer and third generation master and healer. The healing process in his family was started from his grandfather who was a famous shaman of eastern Nepal, gifted by nature for his healing power. Swami Chaitanya Krishna who is now a sound healer and shaman was interested in spirituality since his childhood had learn the art of healing and shamanism from many different masters. At the age of 17 he began learning Hinduism and started practicing tantra with various babas and learning the philosophy, but even all this education could not bring him satisfaction, so he started seeking deeper experiences and jumped into the sea of meditation with his masters philosophy. As a music lover and musician he chose the singing bowls as his method and trained two years with his master to learn what he knows today. For almost a decade now, Swami has healed more than 1000 people and given trainings more than 100 students from all over the world.

Prateek Shrestha and his sister Prathana Shrestha got the advance training on Singing Bowl healing from Guru Swami Chaitanya. And then the journey to discover more about sound healing started.

Shree Hari Chandra (NEPAL)


Shree Hari Chandra has been actively involved in his spiritual journey since 1993A. D. During his 27 year journey he has developed competency in Reiki, Reflexology, Hypnotherapy and Paida Lajin (slapping and clapping therapy). He has broadened his journey through Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. His journey in the spiritual practice of Sound healing started in 2011 A.D when he realised Sound healing and practicing Yoga are amongst the most effective ways to heal from physical, mental and emotional issues without medication. He is now actively working as a Sound therapist and Yoga Instructor, instructing in both Hatha and Sahaja Yoga. His vision is that all people can learn to increase their well-being through yoga and natural techniques, without the side-effects of chemical treatments.

Prathana Shrestha in her journey of Sound healing got connected with Shree Hari Chandra and continued her learning process of Sound healing.

Jasmine Wei (Sydney, Australia)

 Email :

Sound Healer from Sydney, Australia

Jasmine Wei comes from a traditional Chinese background where family spiritual belief systems, the use of Qi energy and the knowledge of Traditional Chinese medicine have been passed down through the generations. Jasmine has trained with wise Chinese masters in Reflexology techniques and Qi release, and is certified in several massage therapies, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, Tibetan Bowl (sound) therapy/teacher, NLP, TFT Algorithms, Angel Intuitive, Crystal Therapy and Orion-Theta Therapy. As a medium and psychic, Jasmine offers Spirit Guidance and Counselling and reads Tarot and Spirit Oracle/Angel Cards. Combining Chinese traditions with western and eastern alternative therapies, Jasmine has developed more holistic and integrated healing methods making her treatments intuitive, spiritual and effective. Jasmine is also qualified to teach several of the techniques she practices. She is a registered member of various associations in Australia.

Mr. Prateek Shrestha got connected with Jasmine Wei during his journey of spreading the handicrafts of Nepal at Sydney,Australia. It’s always great to talk with her and get insight on spirituality.

Kelly Sullivan, (Melbourne, Australia)

P : 0417 856 532

Melbourne Sound Healer Singing Bowl.JPG

Kelly Sullivan is a Sound Healer and Reiki Master helping people to reconnect with themselves. She offers a variety of holistic courses and events to bring a greater awareness of mind and body healing. She also provides sound healing and meditation courses and sessions at Melbourne. All treatments provided are customised to individual needs and are suitable for both adults and children and flexible to private session at your home. The treatments Kelly provides are

-Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy and Sound Healing



-Coaching Sessions

-Home energy clearings

It was a pleasure to know her during her journey of spirituality at Nepal. It’s amazing how she has found herself during the journey and helping people to bring focus and balance in their life.


Mylan, Life Coaching from the Heart (Sydney, Australia)


Singing Bowls Sound Healer in Sydney, Australia

Mylan Tesoriero is a successful life coach, lady boss, mentor, wife, and
mother of two beautiful boys. 

About Mylan

My own journey has been one of overcoming obstacles to achieve personal growth. Raised by hard-working parents, I adopted an early belief that money would bring happiness. Leaving home at a young age was a defining moment – it made me determined to succeed – but despite the resulting career and financial successes, there was still something missing: I didn’t feel a sense of purpose.

In 2016, I resigned from the corporate world and pursued my passion for life coaching. I haven't looked back! As well as helping people change their lives through Life Coaching From The Heart, I also volunteer as a mentor for high school students through the Big Brother Big Sister Program. I am also a multi site franchise owner, opened 4 restaurants in 5 years, this is where my lady boss title comes from.

Life as a working mum with my own businesses is busy but also incredibly fulfilling – it’s such a joy to help others make
life-changing, positive transformations.

A certified master practitioner in NLP, Matrix Therapies, Multiple Braining Integration Techniques (MBIT) and Hypnotherapy, Mylan is devoted to helping her clients find passion, purpose and balance in their life.

Mylan and Prateek met at the trade fair show in Sydney, Australia at MIND BODY SPIRIT FESTIVAL.  

Through our own experience and journey we have been able to meet these beautiful people and work together. If you are interested in Sound Healing session then we recommend you to be in touch with the sound healers from Australia and Nepal. 

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