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How to play Singing bowl?

One of the most often question that I people have in their mind , when they see a Singing Bowl is " HOW DO I PLAY A SINGING BOWL? "

Playing a Singing Bowl is all about practice!! The more you practice, you get better with your Singing bowl and feel connected with its sound.

Here are some steps you can follow for beginners to play Singing bowls:


Before you start , make sure you are in a calm and quiet place. Find an environment free from distractions. If you are playing inside a room, you can add dim lights or candle to create relaxing environment.

Playing Technique

  • Place the Singing bowl on your flat palm. Do not hold the base of the Singing bowl as this stops the sound and vibration of the bowl.
  • Grasp the mallet about mid-length, gently tap the mallet on the side of the bowl to “warm-up” the bell
  • With an even pressure, rub the mallet clockwise around the outside edge of the rim of the bowl.


    • how to play singing bowl


Singing bowls can be used for various purposes - meditation, relaxation, stress reduction, and sound therapy. Set your intention before playing your singing bowl, and focus your attention on the sound and vibrations it produces. As you play the singing bowl connect with the sound . You can chant the Mantra on the same scale as Singing Bowl Plays. 


Singing Bowl healing


Tips and Tricks

  1. Remember to apply equal pressure at the outer rim as its friction produces vibrations which result in sound.
  2. Do not hold the bowl edges with your hand as it absorbs the sound & vibration of singing bowl.
  3. Experiment with your speed. Usually people go too fast! Let the sound build up slowly as the singing bowl picks up the vibration.
  4. Hold the Mallet little bit tilt toward inside of the bowl and play at its rim for Female tone.
  5. Hold the Mallet 90 degree play at its rim for the Male tone.

Click here To read more about how to play singing bowl in detail. 

When to Play a Singing Bowl?

The other question that is “ So, When do I play it?’

You can play the Singing Bowl as often as you like, there is no set of time or duration. Some play them few minutes each day while some play for longer duration during meditation and sound therapy sessions

The sound of Singing Bowl have been shown to reduce anxiety, stress, and depression. The calm sound of a singing bowl offer respite from the everyday churning of the mind. So, why don’t we practice it DAILY!!

For me the best time to play the singing bowl is Early morning along with my meditation and yoga practice. The practice of listening to singing bowls, in particular, has been found to reduce blood pressure, reduce a patient’s perception of pain, and cause less self-reported tension, anger, fatigue and depression.

Playing it just 5 minute and connecting with the sound of singing bowl relaxes my mind and energizes me for whole day.

Evening before going to sleep, just 5 minutes playing with my singing bowls has helped me to get relief from the stress and sound sleep at night.

Just like the food we eat, when we are playing singing bowl we take in the sound and vibration inside us. The calming sound of singing bowl relaxes mind and the vibration of singing bowl benefits our body.

You can play them in the morning to start your day off on a positive note, during the day to reduce stress and anxiety, or in the evening to wind down and relax before bed. It is ultimately up to you to decide when and how often to play your singing bowl, based on your personal preferences and needs.

Singing bowl


Don pauley

Don pauley




Thank you, I’m a beginner using the singing bowls. They makes me feel great! Can you over use them? Also is it normal to use at them between 3 and 4 am?
Thank you

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