Making of Singing Bowl

Two methods are highly practiced for creating singing bowls.

The first one is Hammering method which was, and still is, a most common method used today. In this method a flat sheet of metal is hammered by at least three individuals over a bowl pattern or form until it takes on the same shape. The edges are then bent over and hammered further until smooth. Traditionalists prefer singing bowls that have been hammered and can easily distinguish them by checking the hammer marks. Most of the singing from Nepal are made by using this method. Shop Now hand hammered best singing bowls from Himalayas Shop.Hand hammered Singing Bowl

The second method of making singing bowl involves pouring a molten metal into a mold, which forms the first of two parts of the modern singing bowl. The other part is called the neck, which is formed and welded together with the bowl, before being polished. This method creates a more confined shape, which produces longer lasting vibrations and sound when struck. This type of bowl is usually embellished by acid etching or enamelling. Shop Now molded and hand carved best singing bowl from Himalayas Shop.

There are many singing bowls on the market today. They often differ by the sound they produce, which can be attributed to their design and shape, thickness, smoothness, and the combination of metals used. Some singing bowls are even made of crystal. In general, the best singing bowls are those that resonate most with whoever is playing them.

Singing bowl

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