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It’s a popular phrase ,”Sound is the medicine for future” and there are Sound healing session going everywhere. Many of us may think, it’s a new wave going on but actually it has a long history in mankind. Aborigines of Australia have been playing the didgeridoo and Hindus of India have been chanting Sanskrit mantras and using instrument like conch shell, bells, drums to restore balance, harmony and health within people, communities and nature. While  the ancient Greeks were using the flute and lyre, Native Americans have been using shamanic drums and songs.

The use of sound and music can be found in many spiritual and sacred cultural traditions, sound healing is only now being rediscovered in the healing arts. 

What is Sound?

Sound is a form of energy , it’s a wave or vibration that affects matters in detail. Everything around us has a resonant frequency, which it most naturally resonant at. Finding the right frequency in which the matter resonant at can actually feed energy to the object. Everything in existence vibrates, and so we are surrounded by sound all the time.

In Physics, the law of resonance says, “A strong vibration causes a weaker vibration to vibrate at the same frequency as the stronger vibration.” Based on this concept you can actually use sound to transform a cell into a benign cell. Although this might sound unbelievable, scientific experiments have actually shown cells being transformed into different types of cells with vibration.

Sound has a strong energy that can express love and concern, or cause pain and destruction. The positive thought Music, words , Mantra , song produces peace while negative produces the destruction.

How does Sound Healing Work?

All life is vibration and sound travels to each atom in the body. For humans, audible sounds are between 20 and 20.000 Hz. When sound reaches our ears, it travels up the auditory nerve into our brain and can trigger bodily responses by changing brain chemicals, e.g. to alter our heart rate, blood pressure, emotional state or muscle tension. 

Sound waves

Sound travels faster through air and much faster through bone. Our body as a whole is a sensory organ, which means we do not only hear the sounds but feel them through all of our tissues. Sound affects us on so many different levels, from the cellular function to the tissues, hormones, brain waves and the flow of energy in our body. Sound does not only work within the body, but also on the aura, the bioelectrical field around the body which can be harmonised with sound.

There is substantial study in modern day physics, particularly in quantum physics, that shows that we are vibrational beings. Vibrational medicine is now becoming a powerful complimentary form of treatment capable of creating balance and harmony in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our being.

Singing Bowl and Gongs for Sound Healing

Many in the world of healing believes 50% of the disease is the result of stuck emotion. Sound and music can be use to transform our stuck emotion. If we look at emotion as Sound and vibration, it does have a wave and frequency it resonates at. The sound associated with lower emotion are inconsistent sound that breaks down physical body. While the sound associated with higher emotion nurtures our physical body.

Sound Healers use an array of instruments for healing, including Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, gong and the mantra. The sounds can be on the lower range of frequencies such as deep gongs, drums or large singing bowls, they can also include higher notes from chimes.

The ratio of metals, shapes and size of the singing bowl affects the tone, vibration and quality of sound produced by the Tibetan bowl. Tibetan Bowls of different tones are used for sound therapy along with other sound healing instruments like chimes, gongs , flutes and other accessories. Now the latter made Crystal glass Singing bowl are also loved by many sound healers.

 Singing Bowl meditation

The sound from Himalayas Singing Bowls takes our brain to Theta waves (4-8 Hz) which induce deep meditative state of mind as in this state our senses are withdrawn from the external world and we are able to concentrate on indication from within.  The sound vibration helps us to be in peaceful states, clarity of mind, and intuition. At Theta state when our brain waves are between 7-8 (Hertz) cycles per second, it when our deeper intelligence, innovation and self-healing capability of the body are activated. Tibetan or Himalayas Singing Bowls sound takes us to the state that supports the attainment of your goal toward an experience of pleasant or productive mental and emotional states.

Any kind of music can be therapeutic, however the gong has the most powerful energy. For ages sound has been used as a tool to awaken deep states of consciousness, to expand consciousness and to correct energetic imbalances.


Using Chakra and Singing Bowl sound notes for Balance

Chakras are associated with colors, seed mantras, body centers and various human qualities. And of course, each chakra is associated with a note too. There are two major systems that one can follow. They are the Vedic and the Tibetan Systems. The Vedic system is the Western diatonic scale starting from note C at the Root chakra. It is commonly used in Western Sound Healing practices. 

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So, in the Vedic system sound healers would take scale C as Root chakra, scale D as Sacral chakra, scale E as Solar Plexus chakra, scale F as Heart Chakra, scale G as Throat chakra, scale A as Third Eye chakra and scale B as the Crown Chakra. 

And, in the Tibetan system sound healer would take scale F as Root chakra, scale C as Sacral chakra, scale G as Solar Plexus chakra, scale D as Heart Chakra, scale A as Throat chakra, scale E as Third Eye chakra and scale B as the Crown Chakra. 

Solfeggio Frequencies & Chakras: Corresponding Frequencies

You may have also come across the Solfeggio Frequencies, an ancient scale that also relates to healing and meditation.

These healing tones are centuries old and said to have been created by a Benedictine Monk by the name of Guido D’Arezzo, and most famously used in chants by Gregorian Monks.

The Solfeggio scale is comprised of 6 main healing frequencies. Listening to music created in one of the frequencies on this scale will evoke a particular healing property.

7 chakra and its frequencies

Each frequency on the Solfeggio scale maps to a specific Chakra.

  1. 396 Hz: Root Chakra
  2. 417 Hz: Sacral Chakra
  3. 528 Hz: Solar Plexus
  4. 639 Hz: Heart Chakra
  5. 741 Hz: Throat Chakra Healing
  6. 852 Hz: Third Eye Chakra
  7. 963 Hz: Crown Chakra


Music is comprised of frequencies, and vibrations are the key to human consciousness. The two are interlinked and can be connected to stimulate positive emotions and subsequent healing; the Solfeggio and Chakra systems form a theory of connection. There are a lot of other practices too that people use sound for healing and balancing our physical and emotional sides.

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