Danger & Risks of Using Tibetan Singing Bowl

When Sound Healing and Sound Therapy should we avoid?

Tibetan or Himalayas Singing bowl have more benefits than one can count, but there are certain occasions where these bowls should be avoided. First of all, we should keep in mind that Himalayas Singing bowls are not a toy or just an instrument, these bowls are powerful tools for meditation and have been used as a religious and scared tool for thousands of years. Himalayas singing bowls and their ability to influence our mind and body should be treated as any other process of healing and medication.

On this blog we will answer following questions:

1. When should we completely avoid using singing bowl?

2. When should certain parts of body be avoided while using singing bowl?

3. When should we limit access of using singing bowl?

When should we completely avoid using singing bowl?

When we have encountered with certain illness or conditions, we should completely avoid using singing bowl or participating in Singing bowl Sound Therapy and healing.

If you have certain neurological disorders it's best to foreclose the use of singing bowls. Epilepsy is one of them, a person having epilepsy should avoid sound therapy where singing bowl are used. If a person wishes to participate then it's better to get doctor’s consultation first to ensure that he or she has right anti-epileptic medication and are in no danger of seizure from sound vibrations. Similarly, person having Parkinson’s disease and Deep Brain Stimulation Device (DBS) should also avoid use of singing bowls. Other neurology disorder patients also should consult doctors to make sure receiving singing bowl therapy won’t have negative impact on their health.

Moreover, singing bowls should be avoided if you have Heart Pacemaker, Artificial Heart Valves, Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD), Coronary Stent, Cardiac Shunt, Metal Implants, Metal Staples and Metal inserts in the body. These metals and artificial body parts could shake when the vibration passes through body which may cause malfunction and severe condition.

When should certain parts of body be avoided while using singing bowl?

While performing Sound Therapy we place singing bowl to certain parts of our body and there are certain cases where placing singing bowl might cause negative impact so we should limit the access to singing bowls but still you can play and listen to the harmonic tone of singing bowl.

If you have Inflammatory skin disorder like hives, eczema, Psoriasis and heavy scarred areas then singing bowl should not placed on the body. Similarly, if a person has carotid atherosclerosis, blood clots, clotted veins and thick vein thrombosis, singing bowl should not be placed on top of affected vein or near it.

Some other cases where singing bowl should not be placed on or near body are tumours, artificial joints, inflamed joints, implants and veins.

When should we limit access of using singing bowl?

There are certain situations where we should limit our access to singing bowl for limited periods, but it doesn’t mean complete boycotting singing bowl from our life.

The first condition where we should limit access to singing bowl is pregnancy especially during the first 12 weeks. Similarly, when we have fever, severe inflammation and open wounds, until the symptoms and condition has passed, we should not use singing bowl. Moreover, post-surgery singing bowls should not be placed and played near body as the wound are not completely healed. Once the scar/ wound is healed completely we can re-join singing bowl sessions.

Additionally, if a person is suffering from severe depression, anxiety or is on medication to ease these conditions, singing bowl therapy and session should be avoided.


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