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As i mentioned in my previous blogs Love & Compassion in Buddhism. The 4 main elements of True Love are Maitrya, Karuna, Upeksha and Mudita. Understanding this reality would greatly help us to see things differently. Since this is the time of February and we celebrate a good time with our loved ones, I would like to share some gift ideas that would be perfect for this valentine.

Do whatever you do that day with a sense of purpose, appreciation and love.  Notice the little things. Then anything else might be a bonus dollop atop an already fulfilling day.

When we put our mind into the zone of love it can’t be in the zone of fear.  When in fear, it can’t be in love.  So consciously enacting loving thoughts drives away anxiety and rumination and builds new healthy neuropathways.

Pampering yourself is an act of self-love and self-care.  We can nurture ourselves using all our amazing senses and consciousness, steeping our psyche in a deep sense of self-value, of self-esteem, focusing on what we do have rather than anything that might be deemed ‘missing’.  This is living richly in the present rather than in the past (depression) or future (anxiety) or feeling dejected for what might have been.

1) Singing Bowls

Best valentine gifts as singing bowl

Everything is in the present moment. Our happiness and peace is within and we do not need to search externally. By understanding the true meaning of love we can extend our love to all sentient beings in this planet. Love has no separation neither expectations. Since everything is vibration and vibrate in a certain frequency while in different mood. The pure sound of a singing bowl helps us to stay calm and when we play the bowl it also helps us to learn patience. There are a lot of health benefits for emotional and physical with the singing bowl too. For the budget, i would recommend below singing bowls for your valentine gift.

2) Natural Stone Bead Bracelets

Women loves to wear bracelets. Gift your loved ones with our handmade bracelets this valentine. We want every woman to feel uplifted by these beautiful bracelets with its energy. Words of love, hope and strength come with every stone bracelet so that you can carry them into your life like the powerful woman you are!

Suggestions for Male Bracelet 

Mens Bracelet for Valentine Gift

Suggestions for Female Bracelet

Bracelet gift for valentine

3) Pashmina Shawls

Pashmina Gift for your valentine partner
Cashmere pashmina shawl is a beautiful gift to be presented to one’s loved ones as it is women’s fashion accessory which will continue to remind her about you for days, weeks and years to come.  Shop our beautiful range of Pashmina shawls for your valentine today!
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