Benefits of wearing a Rudraksha

Rudraksha tears of shiva is an integral part of hinduism and many other religion.
It is worn by devotees as and act of being self aware and making conscious choice. It acts as an catalyst in ones path to living a complete life of freedom. This beads can strengthen our mind to fight all odds in life. The Electro-Magnetic properties of a Rudraksha Seed has a great benefit to our Body & Mind. 

Benefits of wearing a Rudraksha

Reciting Rudraksha Mala

The Rudraksha mala aids in the maintenance of physical and mental harmony. It aids spiritual development and can be used when concentrating or praying. Rudraksha offers a plethora of advantages. The Mala serves as a protective shield, shielding the user from harmful energy. If you're someone who lives an active lifestyle, it's ideal for you because it creates a protective cover around you, giving you stability and support. Rudraksha stimulates the wearer's energy, alertness, and focus. It is believed that Rudraksha has physical benefits as well, including as lowering blood pressure and calming you down. Other issues include skin disorders, colds/coughs, and joint difficulties.


  • Rudraksha can be worn by anyone at any time, regardless of their religion, age, or gender.
  • Do not lend your Rudraksha mala to anyone else because the mala only adjusts to the person who wears it.
  • When not in use, the mala should be kept in a pooja room, preferably in a silk cloth or copper vase.
  • Keep any unnatural chemicals away from the Rudraksha mala. When showering, for example, chemically manufactured soaps should not come into contact with the mala.
  • If the mala becomes broken or loses its luster, it should be burned or offered into a body of water.


Conditioning rudraksha helps in prolonging its life span and prevents it from becoming brittle and cracking.The Rudraksha benefits from being submerged in ghee and milk every six months, and sesame oil every one to two years. It is not recommended to condition it in a copper or plastic container since the chemical reaction would compromise the beads' integrity. Conditioning should take place in a natural vessel like wood, clay, or glass.

Mala and beads

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