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Today’s chaos lifestyle has increased stress and anxiety which negatively affects the system of our body. Stress isn’t that bad! As it is a part of life, and we cannot eliminate it completely. However, a prolong stress will have a negative effect on us. How we handle and live our life matters on the amount of stress we feel.

So, how do we handle stress?

Using Singing Bowl to handle stree

A calmer mind surges productivity and positivity in a person’s life. Meditation is a way to relax your mind and increases your ability to handle the chaos in life.

To start a meditation can be difficult as our mind wanders a lot. Using singing bowl as a tool to meditate helps to provide the focal point. It’s natural our mind cannot stop producing thoughts. “Don’t bother acknowledge the thoughts.”

Why to use Singing bowl for meditation?

Singing bowl for mediation

The sound from Himalayas Singing Bowls takes our brain to Theta waves (4-8 Hz) which induce deep meditative state of mind as in this state our senses are withdrawn from the external world, and we are able to concentrate on indication from within.  The sound vibration helps us to be in peaceful states, clarity of mind, and intuition. At Theta state when our brain waves are between 7-8 (Hertz) cycles per second, it when our deeper intelligence, innovation and self-healing capability of the body are activated.

When we play Singing Bowl , it produces a rich  soothing sound that helps to calm our mind and create peaceful atmosphere. Tibetan or Himalayas Singing Bowls sound takes us to the state of mind and create experience of pleasant or productive mental and emotional states. Many people who incorporated Singing Bowl during their meditation practice has experience it has deepen their practice and help to get into the relaxation more easily and make them feel calmer.

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How to meditate with Singing Bowl?

Relaxing on a ground with singing bowl meditation

Playing a singing bowl before meditating allows the brain to synchronize with the sound frequencies of the bowl and assists in maintaining focus and relaxation. Using Singing Bowl as a tool for meditation can be a transformative experience. 

  • Sit on a comfortable and quiet place with your leg crossed. Take a deep breath and relax your body, breath and mind.
  • Hold the Singing bowl on your hand and gently strike the Singing bowl or rub the striker around the Rim of the bowl.
  • Focus on the tone created by the singing bowl. The sound will resonate, and you will be moving to deep meditative state.
  • Block the thoughts and focus on the sound coming from the singing bowl.
  • As sound dwindles gently rise out of meditative state.
  • If you want to continue, stroke the bowl again and continue to re-enter deep meditation.
  • Take a few moment to sit in silence and observe the sensation in your body & mind. When you are ready gently rub your palms together and keep the warm palm on your eyes. Feel the energy moving from your palm towards your body and slow open your eye looking at your palm and 

Remember, Playing Singing Bowl is a practice and it may take time to develop a deeper connection with Singing Bowl. Be patience and enjoy the process.

Additional Ways to Meditate with Singing Bowl: -

Try Guided Meditation, it is a wonderful way to meditate using a singing bowl.

  • Sit on a comfortable mat.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Allow someone else to play the singing bowl.

Use different tones of Singing bowl and play them harmonious. Add the sound of tingsha, Gong or bell for improve experience. Adding 7 set of Singing bowl with 7 musical notes can heighten your experience.

The advantage you get with guided singing bowl meditation is you don’t have to perform physical action. Though meditating alone with a singing bowl, the physical activity can help you focus. Still, some meditation experts believes that the motion of playing the singing bowl can make it harder for you to reach a meditative state.

Try Connecting with Sound of Singing Bowl

The other way you can use the Singing bowl is to connect with the sound of the Singing Bowl. Tap the Singing Bowl with Felt Mallet and Chant "OM " on the same scale as Singing Bowl. You can continue this as long as you like. This can deepen your connection with the bowl and enhance your meditation practice. 

How to make Singing Bowl sing?

Playing a Singing Bowl is all about practice!! The more you practice; you get better with your Singing bowl and feel connected with its sound.

  1. Striking the side of the bowl
  2. Rubbing the Rim of the Bowl
  3. Advance Technique

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What striker/mallet do I use to play my singing bowl?

If you are beginner or playing small bowl 3-5 inch, it may be difficult to make the bowl sing. Use the wooden striker as it easily creates friction and makes the bowl sing. But yes, sound from wooden stick might be cranky go slow!!


For rimming the 5 inch + size singing bowl use the Fabric wrapped round stick . You can find different sizes of this round striker. Choose the striker according to the size of your Singing Bowl. You can also use the fabric wrapped stick to strike.

For striking the Singing Bowl use Felt stick. You can find different sizes of felt stick. Choose the Mallet according to the size of your Singing Bowl.

Rimming the stick around the bowl creates a deep resonating sound while striking creates an alertly tone sound.

The tool you use to strike or play your singing bowl will also greatly impact the sound your bowl produces. There are many striker options available that will produce various tones and can be used in different ways. 

Singing bowl

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