Top Guide on why to buy Pashmina Shawl for women

Winter is already here, with the fall of colorful leaves, the winter of this year has officially begun. With the cold breeze it’s time to revamp your wardrobe and bring out some exclusive and beautiful warm woollens. The sweater, jackets, coats no matter what you prefer to wear in this cold winter one addition to these clothes makes you a game changer in your fashion league and it’s Himalayas Pashmina Shawl. Himalayas Pashmina Shawls are approximately 28 cm X 80 cm so it can be best shawl you have ever possessed. Either you wear it as winter shawl or winter scarf or stole or winter bandana, our pashmina shawl fits all way around. Click here to learn how to wear a pashmina shawl in different style.

making of pashmina shawl by hand

In the cold winter when sun seems far away the extra softness warm pashmina will provide you a warmth and protects your skin from chilly weather. If you are planning to buy winter wardrobe, here are the awesome reasons to buy Winter Pashmina this season:

1. Warmth

The first reason to buy Pashmina is the warmth it provides to its user. You can never find the best companion in chilly winter better than a pashmina shawl. Himalayas pashmina shawl works as an insulator and prevents the cold wind to touch the skin. Whether you are dealing with an unpredictable drop of temperature in the evening or full-fledged winter season, it will protect your neck and provide the required warmth.


No matter how much you try to do an experiment with your sweater and jackets, you can barely make any difference. Surprisingly, the winter pashmina scarf can be the game changer in your fashion league. The vibrant and beautiful colors and bright texture of the fabric can uplift the look of any attire. Make it fun and creative!


It can be classy, royal, formal and casual, just pair it up with your attire. Flexibility is a great aspect of Pashmina Scarf. If you are attending a wedding, then the evening gown will look more gorgeous after teaming up with Cashmere scarf. When you wrap your neck with it while attending a board meeting, nothing can be classier than it.

4.Extended life

Take proper care of Pashmina and see the wonder; it can be cherished for generations. With every wash, it will be softer and more luxurious. Make sure that you will hand wash it with mild fabric detergent so that the vegetable dye does not bleed. Know more about: How to take care of Pashmina Shawl

5.Exclusive Handmade

Pashmina is made of the wool of a special breed of goat that is only available at the Himalayan plateau of Kashmir, Ladakh, and Nepal. From making to crafting, every step of creating Pashmina is so gentle that it makes this fabric exclusive. As it is considered royal and luxurious item of the wardrobe, not everyone has the privilege to own it.

6.Easy to carry

Is your local weather unpredictable? No worries carry your Pashmina shawl in your handbag; this saves you from sudden temperature drop. The Cashmere as a material is so soft that you can fold and carry it in a small bag and there will be almost no difference in the weight.

7.Eco- friendly

The pashmina shawl is hand loomed with natural wool are easily degradable in nature. The Ivory color of Pashmina is natural wool with no dye used.

8.All Year-Round Wrap

Cashmere Shawl is hygroscopic, meaning it is naturally breathable. It can keep you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s not. Cashmere is adept at wicking moisture away from your body, making it a great shout when the sun is out!


While the origin of Pashmina is not known, it is believed in 15th Century Kashmiri ruler Zayn-ul-Abidin started the wool industry and Pashmina was introduced. While according to the other sources it was made popular by Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani who brought 700 artisans from Persia. Today, the present-day artisans are still living on that tradition of weaving for Pashmina shawl. The heritage value of the shawl is impeccable.


Explore variety of Pashmina – simple plain, lace, sheer, embroidery, metallic, pompom and many more. You will be surprised to know the available collections for the material that is equally lucrative and elegant.


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